6 thoughts on “Happy New Year – 2009!!

  1. This year I will be reading the New King James Version. There is one published in chronological order. It’s a study Bible. I am pretty excited about it as it is supposed to help me understand more about the culture and the people back then. I read that if you don’t understand the “time” in which the Bible was written that it is very hard to understand it now. So I am pretty stoked and I have decided, God willing, that I want to read a different translation every year. Did you start early Roye! No cheatin!!! 🙂 Early bird gets the worm, right?

  2. I’m glad there are at least 2 reading through the Bible this year.

    As for the cheating accusations, cheating? How can one “cheat” at reading through the Bible? (Stats is another story… but from the looks of it Brad is laying low) I started January 1 with Genesis 1. That was the first check on the list… I must have read before Joel did on New Years Day.

    I may go through the Bible 2 times this year. My friend Nat will be deployed to Afghanistan this Spring and he wants to read through before he leaves… Joel patted him on htheshoulder and said, “Happy reading.” I am going to try and keep up with Nat on his trek.

  3. I’m in. It’s in my plan for the year to read through the bible. BUT, I also know myself and unless I have a real deep conviction to do it, I don’t finish so I’m looking forward to tracking with you and Joel.

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