Great start…

… 2009 has gotten off to a great start.  To begin with, on New Years Eve my daughter Valerie wanted to have a ring ceremony for her decision to “True Love Waits.”  dsc08378

We had a private ceremony hosted by our friends Nat and Tonya in their home.  Valerie invited some of her friends over to join in the celebration.  My friend Joel was there and led us in a song.  Valerie asked if Joel dsc08372would sing Beautiful Day by U2 during the ring ceremony. 

I challenged Valerie to hide God’s word in her heart so that she will not sin against God.  She pledged to seek God and to keep herself sexually pure until she gets married.  “I’ve banked your promises in the vault of my heart…” (The Message).

walker1st010109The next day Walker calls me to let me know something exciting happened!!  He was so excited to lose his first tooth.  He said he got 5 bucks for his tooth from TF (the Tooth Fairy).  The only thing is that TF left the tooth under the pillow.  I told him that maybe he ought to bring it over to my house the next time he is over to see if it works again!! 🙂

The Read Through the Bible has gotten off to a great start.  I know that I have several friends who are also walking through the Bible this year as well. (Joel, Nat, Jason, Randy, and (Amy C, aka Raging  Genius)  Keep it up!!  I hope to hear from others who are as well.

I’m praying some outrageous prayers these days too!!  I know God is going to work in them, in my family, and through all of the praying!!  I’m glad I can talk with Him about the things on my heart.  God is good!!  I look forward to seeing God work in my life in 2009!!!

I’m only 2 weeks away from the Full Gospel Business Men’s Advance too…

One thought on “Great start…

  1. I think it is VERY special, the day you had with your daughter. My dad was not in my life and my story is littered with boys that only had to say one nice thing to me and that’s all it took.

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