Thoughts on today…

We have been attending Tapestry Church for the past month or so.  We have enjoyed the services and getting to know Richard.  Today and last Sunday there were not any services there.  I had decided not to go to church today and just spend some extra time reading and journaling this morning. 

I received a phone call yesterday from Valerie.  She wanted to go to church today.  So, I thought about where we might go today… I decided on Oakleaf.  Today Oakleaf started the year off with going to four services meeting in the Carmike Movie theatre.  It was a great service!  Joel was running the sound in the service I attended… (It was nice to hear The Choir’s “Sad Face” playing through the PA… a perk of running the sound is you get to pick the tunes).  I told him it was a bit loud this morning… but I was kidding!  The sound was awesome!  Will was leading worship with Dean ripping on that Fender of his.  (The Edge would be proud).

It was good to see many friends as well.  God is going some awesome things through Oakleaf.  There is a definite excitement in the air.  I was picking up Walker from the Children’s area and the person taking the security tag from me asked for my child’s name.  I said, “Walker.”  She went on to say, “Walker knows what his purpose in life is… He said it is to sing!” 

If she only knew the other half a dozen things he wants to be… they all involve wearing a costume with a cape.  I bet he may have some music in his future.  I’ve thought about buying him a drum set from DV… not sure if he still has it or not.  I do have a child’s guitar that I would like for him to start learning.  And for the past 2 years he has sung every song to Phantom of the Opera thousands of times!!  Literally.  At age 4 he knew all of the words to all of the songs!!!  I know whatever he sets his mind on he will succeed.  He has his favorite songs he likes to hear when he gets in the car:  “Marvelous Light” by Charlie Hall, “With Or Without You” by U2 and “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel.

Thanks for a great day at Oakleaf and looking forward to Tapestry next week…

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on today…

  1. Even Adam plays wherever they get the opportunity to play… Youth Detention Centers, churches, and as recently as Publix parking lot.

    Joel plays bass at Oakleaf (he leads worship from time to time too). Dean plays guitar at Oakleaf.

    I think during the course of October/November Joel played in 3 different churches (Cartersville, Canton, Marietta)… Even Adam played a couple of outdoor gigs around Cartersville as well.

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