agua:yaka  is a simple water well drilling project.

I was just turned on to this ministry called agua:yaku. They have found a less expensive way to help provide communities with water where clean drinking water is scarce or non-existant.  Take a few moments to checkout this ministry.  You will find great information as well as some great photography!

God is doing some amazing things through so many people that make up the body of Christ… to do whatever it takes to reach those in need of water, food, clothing, shelter, and Jesus Christ!

Baptized by Spirit and Fire

Did you know that you can’t have an encounter with God and walk away the same?  When you have an encounter with God your life is going to change.  Moses spent 40 days on the mountain with God his face radiated with the glory of God.  When you spend time with the LORD people are going to know it.

I called a friend a couple of weeks ago and when he heard my voice he said, “I must have made an impression on you back in college.”  I asked, “Why are you saying that?”  He replied, “Those you leave an impression on will always remember you.” 

What sort of impression do you leave on others?

You were not created to be normal.  God’s desire for you is not compliance and conformity.  You have been baptized by Spirit and fire.  Asleep within you is a barbarian a savage to all who love the prim and proper.  You must go to the primal place  and enter the presence of the Most High God, for there you will be changed by His presence.  Let Him unleash the untamed faith within you.  (Erwin McManus, The Barbarian Way, 82).

Seek. Find. Live. Others will follow.