“Edit Walker”

Several weeks ago I was checking my son in at church.  I was in the process of making the correct selections for the class he was going to be in when he noticed a button on the screen that read, “Edit Walker.”  With his 9-year-old wheels turning he asked, “What does that mean?”  I replied, “Computers have a button that allows us to go in and edit our lives.”  He didn’t buy it. 

We went on to talk about this a little while later.  We talked about why we go to church, read God’s Word, and why we pray.  I explained to him I do these things in order to give God the opportunity to teach me so I can get to know God better and so I can make the necessary changes in my life in order to become the person He created me to be. 

Too me it seems like I put God in a box and look for Him to speak to me in certain ways.  I look to those moments from the past and think I should learn certain things to help me adjust my life today… at least so I won’t repeat the same mistakes twice.  I know God chose this simple moment at the check in station to speak to me through my son’s question.  While reading Oswald Chambers this week I read,

Do not look for God to come in any particular way, but look for Him. That is the way to make room for Him. Expect Him to come, but do not expect Him only in a certain way. However much we may know God, the great lesson to learn is that at any minute He may break in. (My Utmost for His Highest, January 25).

There is no set formula on how to hear God.  I find that at different seasons of life He speaks in different ways to me.  My main job is to look for Him – in all circumstances.  I’ve got a lot of growing left to do.  Each day I know that a part of that growing comes from those moments where the Holy Spirit needs to do a bit of editing of my life. 

I’m ready!  I’m ready for God to break into my life.  I’m ready for the renewing and editing that I know needs to take place.  I know that I have a story to tell… I know you do to.  Be ready.  Be on the look out for Him to show up in your life.  There is not an easy edit button on your life.  Submit your ways to Him… and may they become His ways.  Just when you least expect to see Him begin to look… seek Him and you will find Him.

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