Living out God’s plan

Are you in the midst of living out God’s plan for your life?

For some the call has been a spectacular moment with God… a miraculous event.  For me, His call has come in the quietness of my heart, revealed through the Bible, circumstances, and/or the encouragement of other Christians.  The interesting thing for me about His call has been how He has shown up in my life once I have been obedient.  There have been several moments when I knew He had spoken to me and his call required that I respond in action by faith.  Whether that meant I had to move a thousand miles or to have a conversation with a neighbor about Jesus.  Each time I have hoped I was correct in sensing what His Holy Spirit was leading me to do.

Abram, who God later renamed Abraham, was called to follow, “Leave your country, your family, and your father’s home for a land I will show you.”  (Genesis 12:1, The Message).  He was basically told to head out with all of his stuff… I will tell you once you have arrived at the chosen destination.  To hear that call from God must have been tough to follow.  Maybe it wasn’t hard for Abram.  Maybe his relationship with God was much closer than the one I have with Him.  Maybe he has experienced so much already in trusting God that this little command to move was just another walk out in the park.  Then again, maybe it was tough for him to lead his wife into this new chapter of life they new nothing of.

The promises from God to Abram are wonderful that follow in the next few verses.  Abram was told: 

  • God would make him a great nation and he would be blessed (Genesis 12:2).
  • God would bless those who bless Abram and he would curse those who would curse him (Genesis 12:3).
  • All the families of the earth will be blessed (Genesis 12:3).

Note that in The Message, Abram and his wife reached their destination, “safe and sound.” (Genesis 12:5).  I mentioned earlier how God has shown up in my life once I had been obedient to His leading.  It is true, once I have obeyed, God’s presence has always been evident… he has been with me… and the experience has always felt victorious.  I want to be honest here – not every experience has been without some amount of trials along the way.  The thing to remember is that God will see you through to where He is calling you – if you will obey.

Have you considered the voice of God lately?  Have you considered how He wants to use you and bless you through reaching out to your neighbor for the cause of Jesus Christ? Have you been praying about a ministry you think God has called you to but are fearful of the transition? Maybe you are concerned as to how much your obedience will impact your family?  Consider the life of Abram.  Consider how the Holy Spirit has worked in your life up to this point.  Step out in faith and overcome the fear that may be keeping you from moving forward.  You will find just how blessed you will be through obedience… and how blessed those around you will be as well.  Press on into your destiny!

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