What’s that I hear?

I miss those moments I once spent in a Canyon just west of Durango, CO.  The memory of the fresh air and the quietness of that spot on our planet is intoxicating.  It’s a place I really desire to go and visit once again.  There is a small stream that flows down that is so inviting to sit by.  The sound of the water as it rushes over the rocks  is calming to the soul.  The sight of the water as it flows tucked within the bank is reassuring that all of God’s creation has meaning and purpose.

I long for moments like those I spent there.  Those memories of camping, walking, talking, mountain biking, and thinking in that canyon are wonderful.  Memories that seem to always be calling me to return.  Just as I have those memories, there are other memories from my past that seem to find their way into the forefront of my mind. 

Today as I cycle, drive off in my car, or sit quietly and pray or read Scripture – I keep hearing the same few words fill my mind.  This Voice continues to echo through my mind the same message I have heard so many times.  It’s a call to follow Jesus in way that is greater than the life I could plan on my own.  This echo is something that Margaret Feinberg calls the Sacred echo, “…those moments when God speaks the same message to my heart again and again.” (24).

Oh, how I want my life to count. To be filled with meaning and purpose.  To be stretched in order to live worthy of the calling He has placed within my soul.  I’m reminded of a parable Jesus taught in Matthew 25:14-31.  I must confess, these days it seems I am more like the one who buried his talent.  I want more than anything to be faithful to Him who has given to me so freely.  I want to hear, “Well done, good and faithful son.”  But until that day, I want to live life to the fullest of God’s potential working through me.

This week I saw the movie, Blue Like Jazz.  I was once again reminded that my life is a story.  I have a choice today to determine how I want this story to be written.  I can choose to live boldly or I can continue to live in fear and hide that which God has given.  What is it that you hear? What is keeping you from living life to the fullest?

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