When your path intersects with God…

…it is nothing short of wonderful!

I love the Fall season.  The cool crisp air. The leaves turning colors. I also enjoy the rain that typically accompanies the season.  A couple of weeks ago I went for a run on Pine Mountain.  It’s a beautiful little trail on the east side of our town.  The Friday that I took off from work was perfect for some time with God on the mountain.

My prayer that morning was to meet God on the trail, on the  top of the mountain, see Him in the scenery, or hear Him in the breeze.  I wanted to hear Him speak to me.  I wanted to know He was with me.

From every angle of the path, the leaves, and the mountain I looked at was picture perfect. (I took a lot of pictures).  The colors of the leaves were absolutely beautiful.  As I ran, I kept noticing the path I was on.  The path continued to stand out.  I would look at it off in the distance to see where I was headed.  I would pay close attention to the rocks so I would not trip.  Occasionally, I would stop and look back for a moment to see where I had been.  The perspective of the path was always a bit different when I would take a moment to look back.  

I made it to the top and decided I would do the trail on the other side of the mountain as well.  It was when I was about half way up the other side that I began to get tired.  My eyes were no longer enjoying the scenery.  My body was asking, “Why did you want to put me through this run?”  I was just trying to get back up to the top.  I stopped for a moment and that is when I believe I heard God speak to me.  This is the thought that came to mind and what I recorded in my notes that day,

Life has become overwhelming. You have lost your view of the journey.  You are focused on the rocks in your path and the perceived darkness looming ahead.  Roye, look at what you have begun to focus on… You are no longer enjoying the journey.

I stood there tired.  I stood there and understood.  I stood there and I knew I was not alone.

Within the past week, I’ve been given the opportunity to preview Margaret Feinberg’s soon to be released book, Wonderstruck.  I’m amazed at how God is speaking to me right now.  I have personally received so much confirmation and affirmation for where I am in life as I have read this book.  She writes,

Many of us say we want to experience God, but we don’t look for his majesty. We travel life’s paths with our heads down, focused on the next step with our careers or families or retirement plans. But we don’t really
expect God to show up with divine wonder.

God invites us to look up, open our eyes to the wonder all around us, and seize every opportunity to encounter him. (26-27).

I have begun praying for God’s wonder.  I believe my path has intersected with God…  On the trail a couple of weeks ago and this week as I have been reading Wonderstruck.   Little did I know God was preparing my heart two weeks ago to be reading this book now.  I believe this is one of those wonderstruck moments Margaret writes about.  I pray you will begin to look for God to show up in your life in places you would least expect Him to.  In fact, I challenge you to ask God to show up in ways that only He can so you will know there is no mistaking that He is with you.  

3 thoughts on “When your path intersects with God…

  1. your running path sounds like a perfect running trail. Glad you could get away and do a little thinking!

    1. Margaret, thank you so much for the encouragement today! Wonderstruck has really helped me to view life through a different lens. Praying for you and Wonderstruck!

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