67 Days

On November 11, 2021, I began to run a fever. For the next 23 days I continued to run a fever. Maxing out at over 103 degrees. The fever left after day 23. Then five days later it was back. After a total of 28 days of fever it was finally gone. Yes, on November 12, I was diagnosed with the China Virus. 67 Days marks the time I was out of work.

I’m in pretty good shape, as my passion for exercise is on the bicycle. But during these 67 days something happened inside my body. I had developed pneumonia (my doctor referred to as Covid Lung). I also ended up with some very bizarre reactions within my heart. Extremely high Hear Rate was the first thing to surface. As a cyclist, my resting heart rate is typically very low. My blood pressure was at stroke level. During the midst of all this, I recall becoming pretty scared and I was questioning why in the world was this going on. Due to other illnesses and deaths within my family I ended up spending most of this time alone. At least I don’t recall seeing anyone for the most part. It was an unusual time at best.

I have friends who had been hospitalized with this virus. Others have had it and it was gone in days. One I know recently passed away.

If those things going on within my lungs and heart wasn’t enough there is what is going on in my brain. I was beginning to forget things… a lot of things. Even today, I still struggle with recalling recent events in my life. I get lost, at times, in the midst of casual conversation but this is improving. I journal most everyday. I tried some during this time but things are a little sketchy and at times hard to read. (But the handwriting thing has been kind of bad for awhile. I tend to blame that on all the note taking I did in seminary – before the days of lap tops.)

I officiated the wedding for one of my daughters last month. Which was the same week I was cleared to return to work for half days. A week or so before the wedding she asked me if I thought I was going to be able to do this. I do recall telling her I will be well scripted. But after the wedding and dinner I was exhausted just so tired physically and mentally.

My son walked her down the aisle. As they got to the alter she kissed him on the cheek and immediately I thought to myself, “I hope I don’t forget that.” Seeing now that it’s been a few weeks and that I am able to recall this moment and my emotion – I am thinking that memory my stand the test of time. For that I am so thankful!

I’m going to back up a couple of weeks to January 1. I decided to try and return to the bicycle. This was a couple of weeks before I was cleared to return to work for half days. I would only ride on the trainer and only do rides that were easy down hills. So there was very little resistance.

That same week I had some tests run on my heart and new x-rays of my lungs. At the end of it all I can thankfully say there are no signs of damage or scar tissue in either! At the end of January I had been able to ride 442 Miles. My resting heart rate is actually a few beats per minute lower than before and my blood pressure is normal. At the time of writing this, I am pushing 650 miles for the year and I am feeling great. The memory thing is getting better but is a struggle at times. I have great people around me at work who have supported and cared for me and are helping me get back up to speed with what I do. The company and management have been a tremendous blessing!

One thing that does have me a little puzzled is in the area of my heart. Now I can push pretty hard on the bike and it doesn’t respond with a high heart rate as it once did. So, I am still trying to figure that out. It’s like I have a lot of room to push even harder… but I am not really sure I can.

There is a part of this story I really want to tell. I started to tell a friend at work about it but before she knew really what I was about to say I had to stop myself and stay all professional (Ha). I thought I will be able to tell my wife about it before but it’s just too emotional for me to talk about – even now I can’t find the words. Maybe it is not time. I hope God will give me the words to say at some point because I feel as though this will complete my story.

I hope to pick the discipline of writing up once again. It’s been so long since I have sat at the computer to just write. I hope it won’t be another 2 years before I post here. I will say I’m not a fan of the WordPress format… I will try to figure this thing out.

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