Blocking out the noise in silence…

Catalyst… I was there! Catalyst… It’s still bugging me! Catalyst…         I can either run to the Truth and embrace it… or I can run from it.  From all indications there is no running from it.  Total surrender is the only acceptable response.  God is on every street corner.  He is in the midst of every … More Blocking out the noise in silence…

Unfinished Business

During the lunch break on Thursday I was standing there and Tim said something to me like this, “Are you OK?  You look like you are in deep thought or something is bothering you…”  I was OK.  I think I was stunned after that first message.  Andy Stanley talked about 3 specific things and how … More Unfinished Business

Post Catalyst Blues

Alright, so why does someone have the blues after attending such an incredible conference?  I don’t know… I guess I’m messed up. There was so much covered during those two days.  I have been able to apply some of what I have gained to my life at work.  The 2 books I picked up are … More Post Catalyst Blues

Catalyst Day 2

There is so much to reflect on for Day 2.  First, these are most of the people we had the pleasure of learning from today:  Tim Sanders, Jeff Foxworthy, Franklin Graham, Dave Ramsey, Matt Chandler, and Andy Stanley… There were others who spoke or shared I don’t have my workbook in front of me right … More Catalyst Day 2

Catalyst Day 1

These are quotes I have walked away with today: Jim Collins: “Not all time in life is equal.” “The difference between good and great is discipline. In greatness you’ll find a culture of discipline.” Steven Furtik: “Stay faithful and pure and God will use you to reach people for Christ.” Furtik was phenomenal! My take … More Catalyst Day 1