Are you ready?

If God were to speak to you right now would you be ready to listen? Several years ago I was Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church in Aztec, NM.  I took a group of Juniors and Seniors from high school down to Wayland Baptist University in Texas to check out the college and to hear … More Are you ready?

An unguarded moment

Randall O’Brien has a book entitled, “I Feel Better All Over Than I Do Anywhere Else”.  A friend of mine is full of all sorts of corny sayings.  One I remember him saying most is, “Wherever you are there you’ll be.” I recall working for an electrical contractor in Albuquerque.  It was “just a job” to help pay … More An unguarded moment

Hollow Eyes

A few years ago I had a dream to take a group of teenagers down to Central and South America.  I even met with a missionary from the country I was looking at taking this group to.  I had begun gathering information and resources to learn enough of the language for the youth to be … More Hollow Eyes

Walking by faith

I have been listening to some vintage Christian music the past few days.  It’s been a very encouraging experience to listen to some tunes that are over 20 years old.  So much of the music I listened to then really shaped my young Christian life.  Petra, Whiteheart, Russ Taff, Stryper, Jerusalem, and U2… they each have had their … More Walking by faith