Downs Syndrome Story…

This is a great story to read.  Take a few moments to follow the link here to read this story.  It’s a story about a family with a child with Downs Syndrome who got the opportunity to meet the McCain’s and Palin’s.

The Presidential Election

OK… I’m ready to vote! 

Let’s get on with it already. 

I’m so ready – I am going to vote early.  I will not be waiting 49 more days to vote. 

I’m watching the news tonight and I think I have reached my limit…

Although – I can’t get enough of those Palin’s!!!

So, I will be watching the news afterall.

Thanks John McCain!


U2 and Conservatives…

…do they mix?

I’m a conservative that votes Republican unless I can be convinced otherwise… That hasn’t happened – yet… The VP pick by McCain sealed the deal for me for President… Not that it wasn’t already sealed – it’s just now it’s been sealed with some excitement! 

I watched the Democratic National Convention and heard once again “Beautiful Day” by U2 playing in the background.  (Just how many campaigns have used this song?) Whatever I was paying attention to on the screen was lost at that moment I could hear The Edge’s guitar.  Whatever had my attention was lost to the background music of U2.  The power of U2 over me…

Today, I decided to start searching the Internet looking for connections with Conservatives and the Republican Party to U2.  It’s rather difficult to find.  I know Bono met with Bush in 2005.  I found a blog in the process called  I found a blog there where the writers states,

Ironically, Bono sat next to Senator Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast and has met with not only him, but also Senator McCain earlier in the year. (Although I can’t seem to find a photo of Bono with McCain. Odd!)

I always shake when I see Bono make an appearance with those in American politics… especially those on the Liberal side of things. 

After I see him in the photo-ops, I tend to put U2 on the shelf for a bit until I get over it.  Dang, I just put “The Unforgetable Fire” in the CD player in my Jeep!  I understand Bono’s obsession with the “social issues” that draws him to the liberal side of American Politics… at least so it seems.

I did a search for “U2 fans for McCain 08″… I came up with something much different… I came up with many sites proclaiming U2 fans for Obama… one of which is actually on Obama’s campaign site. 

Is there anything out there that links Conservatives with U2?  Is there an interest by U2 fans for McCain?  Let me know if there is anything out there… if not, (Joel) can get it started.

The power of U2 over me can’t sway my vote.

Michael Moore… proof there is a God?

When I first read about Michael Moore’s comment about Hurricane Gustav, the Republican National Convention, and proof of there being a God – I thought about how does anyone respond to his comments. 

The purpose of my my blog has not ever really been to get involved in politics… although as an individual I am very interested and try to stay as educated as I can be.  The reason for writing here is an opportunity for myself to post my thoughts on the things God is teaching me.  I have a good time doing so and I enjoy the feedback from others.

A lot of what I write is really a journal of sorts on my relationship with God, my family, and friends.

I don’t know Michael Moore.  I know of some his work (but can’t come up with any titles) and I know of the controversy he creates as a result of his work. I am amazed that news networks actually call on him to talk about stuff that really matter.  I guess the news clip posted at the bottom of this tells us all as to where MSNBC. CNBC and the NBC network as a whole is headed… down the tube! 

Even his comments on God are his opinion filled with sarcasm.  I guess if he really believed in God he would not have made those remarks.  My sarcastic response to him is… God just proved His grace one more time by allowing Moore to make those comments… and that he was still allowed to live.  God’s grace at work… Using Moore’s logic, I guess there is now proof of God’s grace.

So, what sort of real proof does Michael Moore need to know God is who He is?  What proof does Moore need to have to know Jesus loves him?  I believe his sarcastic remarks are serious. My sarcasm back at him was more to illustrate the absurdity of his own comment.

Psalm, 19:1-4,

The heavens declare the glory of God;
       the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

 Day after day they pour forth speech;
       night after night they display knowledge.

 There is no speech or language
       where their voice is not heard. [a]

 Their voice [b] goes out into all the earth,
       their words to the ends of the world.
       In the heavens he has pitched a tent for the sun, (NIV).

I did work with this one guy several years ago.  He was very antagonistic toward Christianity and me because of my belief.  He could tell I didn’t like to debate so he pushed me from time to time… trying to find the right button to push.  Our relationship changed after some time.  I lived my life consistently in front of him.  I shared Jesus when appropriate but mainly I remained silent.  Until one day… he got some bad news about his health.  His outlook on life and eternity changed with that news. 

He wanted to know about God after that.  Thankfully his heart softened… I don’t know what happened with him.  I hope he finally surrendered his life to Jesus.  I hope Michael Moore will also find God’s truth.  It may not make him as much money (assuming what he does now makes him money). 

Putting politics, the hurricane, everyones opinion about everything going on in our Country aside… God is alive.  He is love.  He came to earth in the form of a man – Jesus.  He gave His life for the sin of the world.  John 3:16 tells us, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”