Obama’s slip of the tongue.

What do you think about this clip from “This Week” on ABC? George Stephanopolis has to correct Obama for him to get it right

Is he a Muslim or Christian?

U2 and Conservatives…

…do they mix?

I’m a conservative that votes Republican unless I can be convinced otherwise… That hasn’t happened – yet… The VP pick by McCain sealed the deal for me for President… Not that it wasn’t already sealed – it’s just now it’s been sealed with some excitement! 

I watched the Democratic National Convention and heard once again “Beautiful Day” by U2 playing in the background.  (Just how many campaigns have used this song?) Whatever I was paying attention to on the screen was lost at that moment I could hear The Edge’s guitar.  Whatever had my attention was lost to the background music of U2.  The power of U2 over me…

Today, I decided to start searching the Internet looking for connections with Conservatives and the Republican Party to U2.  It’s rather difficult to find.  I know Bono met with Bush in 2005.  I found a blog in the process called @U2blog.com.  I found a blog there where the writers states,

Ironically, Bono sat next to Senator Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast and has met with not only him, but also Senator McCain earlier in the year. (Although I can’t seem to find a photo of Bono with McCain. Odd!)

I always shake when I see Bono make an appearance with those in American politics… especially those on the Liberal side of things. 

After I see him in the photo-ops, I tend to put U2 on the shelf for a bit until I get over it.  Dang, I just put “The Unforgetable Fire” in the CD player in my Jeep!  I understand Bono’s obsession with the “social issues” that draws him to the liberal side of American Politics… at least so it seems.

I did a search for “U2 fans for McCain 08″… I came up with something much different… I came up with many sites proclaiming U2 fans for Obama… one of which is actually on Obama’s campaign site. 

Is there anything out there that links Conservatives with U2?  Is there an interest by U2 fans for McCain?  Let me know if there is anything out there… if not, (Joel) can get it started.

The power of U2 over me can’t sway my vote.

Michael Moore… proof there is a God?

When I first read about Michael Moore’s comment about Hurricane Gustav, the Republican National Convention, and proof of there being a God – I thought about how does anyone respond to his comments. 

The purpose of my my blog has not ever really been to get involved in politics… although as an individual I am very interested and try to stay as educated as I can be.  The reason for writing here is an opportunity for myself to post my thoughts on the things God is teaching me.  I have a good time doing so and I enjoy the feedback from others.

A lot of what I write is really a journal of sorts on my relationship with God, my family, and friends.

I don’t know Michael Moore.  I know of some his work (but can’t come up with any titles) and I know of the controversy he creates as a result of his work. I am amazed that news networks actually call on him to talk about stuff that really matter.  I guess the news clip posted at the bottom of this tells us all as to where MSNBC. CNBC and the NBC network as a whole is headed… down the tube! 

Even his comments on God are his opinion filled with sarcasm.  I guess if he really believed in God he would not have made those remarks.  My sarcastic response to him is… God just proved His grace one more time by allowing Moore to make those comments… and that he was still allowed to live.  God’s grace at work… Using Moore’s logic, I guess there is now proof of God’s grace.

So, what sort of real proof does Michael Moore need to know God is who He is?  What proof does Moore need to have to know Jesus loves him?  I believe his sarcastic remarks are serious. My sarcasm back at him was more to illustrate the absurdity of his own comment.

Psalm, 19:1-4,

The heavens declare the glory of God;
       the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

 Day after day they pour forth speech;
       night after night they display knowledge.

 There is no speech or language
       where their voice is not heard. [a]

 Their voice [b] goes out into all the earth,
       their words to the ends of the world.
       In the heavens he has pitched a tent for the sun, (NIV).

I did work with this one guy several years ago.  He was very antagonistic toward Christianity and me because of my belief.  He could tell I didn’t like to debate so he pushed me from time to time… trying to find the right button to push.  Our relationship changed after some time.  I lived my life consistently in front of him.  I shared Jesus when appropriate but mainly I remained silent.  Until one day… he got some bad news about his health.  His outlook on life and eternity changed with that news. 

He wanted to know about God after that.  Thankfully his heart softened… I don’t know what happened with him.  I hope he finally surrendered his life to Jesus.  I hope Michael Moore will also find God’s truth.  It may not make him as much money (assuming what he does now makes him money). 

Putting politics, the hurricane, everyones opinion about everything going on in our Country aside… God is alive.  He is love.  He came to earth in the form of a man – Jesus.  He gave His life for the sin of the world.  John 3:16 tells us, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Sarah Palin, College Football, and NASCAR!

Lori is having so much fun with me as I lay around the house today. 

I couldn’t have chosen a better time in history to have surgery.  The news has been fantastic to watch.  All the Breaking News over the election has been incredible. The kick off to the College Football season today has been an added bonus.  Later on this evening will the the NASCAR – Nationwide Race followed by the Sprint Race tomorrow night… 

Getting back to the Presidential election: 

Lori and I were talking about all of the comparisons between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama that keep getting made on the news.  It’s amazing… Palin is not even running for President yet the comparison’s between the Republican Vice President nominee and the Democratic President nominee keep rolling in.  From what I’ve watched today (including Obama’s stump speech) Palin has much more to offer over Obama!

Well, I found this posted on RedState.com by Jeff Emanuel (8/30/08):


Sarah Palin

Barack Obama

Office being sought Vice President President of the United States and Leader of the Free World
Full name Sarah Louise Heath Palin Barack Hussein Obama II
Nickname Sarah Barracuda Barry Obama; “The One”
Public opinion Smoking hot in a “naughty librarian” sort of way May be The Messiah
Age 44 48
Children 5: two sons, three daughters 2: two daughters
Religion/Church attendance Evangelical Christian;

attends Juneau Christian Center when in Juneau and grew up attending Wasilla Assembly of God

Attended Trinity United Church of Christ for 20 years, a “black liberation theology” church formerly led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright and governed according to the Black Value System
Current Job Governor of Alaska Junior Senator from Illinois
Previous Public Jobs Mayor of Wasilla, AK (1996-2002); President of Alaska Conference of Mayors;

City Council member (1992-1996)

State Senator (1997-2004);

Community Organizer

Executive Experience Governor for 2 years;

Mayor for 10 years

Foreign Relations experience Governor of state that borders two foreign countries (Canada and Russia) Chaired Senate subcommittee on Europe but never called it into session;

once gave a speech to 200,000 screaming Germans

Military Affairs experience Commander in Chief of Alaska National Guard;

Son is enlisted Infantryman in U.S. Army

Private Sector Experience Sports reporter;

Salmon fisherman

Associate at civil rights law firm
Speaking ability Beautifully executed initial stump speech in Dayton, OH hockey arena without a teleprompter An enter…wait–did you say without a teleprompter??
Spouse’s name Todd Mitchell Palin Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama
Spouse’s occupation Salmon fisherman;

Former North Slope production supervisor for BP Oil

Vice President for Community and External Affairs at University of Chicago Hospitals;

former Associate Dean of Student Services at the University of Chicago;

former Executive Director for the Chicago office of Public Allies;

former Assistant to the Mayor of Chicago;

former associate at Sidley Austin law firm

Reaction to spouse’s political success Quit 17-year BP oil job when BP became involved in natural gas pipeline negotiations with wife’s administration Promoted and given 160% pay raise by UofC hospitals within months of husband’s election to U.S. Senate;

Employer received $1,000,000.00 federal earmark, requested by husband, after her promotion

Coolest thing about Spouse Tesoro Iron Dog Snowmobile race champion (longest snowmobile race in the world);

In 2008, while defending his championship, was injured when he was thrown 70 feet from his machine. He was sent to the hospital but still finished in fourth place

Sister of Oregon State University head basketball coach Craig Robinson
Most Courageous Moment in Public Service Resigned in protest from position of Ethics Commissioner of Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission in order to expose legal violations and conflicts of interest of Alaska Republican leaders, including the former state Attorney General and the State GOP Chairman (who was also an Oil & Gas Commissioner), who was doing work for the party on public time and supplying a lobbyist with a sensitive e-mail. Gave an anti-Iraq war speech to a crowd of anti-Iraq war demonstrators in Hyde Park in 2002
In Current Office Because… Upset sitting Governor in GOP primary due to public support for her efforts to clean up corrupt government establishment Republican opponent, who was leading in the polls, was forced to leave race after unsealing of divorce records exposed a sex scandal
Theme: Change and Clean Government Hope and Change;

“Bringing Change from Outside Washington”

What they’ve done to live that theme: Replaced entire Board of Agriculture and Conservation because of conflict of interest;

Resigned from position of Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission in order to expose corruption among members of own party

Selected 36-year incumbent Senator as running mate
Family Affairs May have removed State Public Safety Commissioner as part of effort to protect sister in messy divorce and child custody battle Often says, “I am my brother’s keeper”;

Brother lives in a hut in Nairobi on $12 per year

Union affiliation Union member, married to Union member Endorsed by a union
Iraq and Troop Support Formerly (pre-surge) critical of apparent lack of long-term strategy for Iraq;

Visited wounded U.S. soldiers in Germany;

visited AK National Guard soldiers deployed to Kuwait;

Son deploying to Iraq on 9/11/08 as Army infantryman

Gave an anti-Iraq war speech to a crowd of anti-Iraq war demonstrators;

almost visited wounded troops in Germany, but decided to go shopping in Berlin instead

Bipartisan/”maverick” credentials Married to a non-Republican;

Exposed corruption within own party;

Campaigned for Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell against corrupt GOP congressman Don Young;

Called out Sen Ted Stevens (R-AK) to “come clean” about financial dealings that are under fed investigation

Talks about bipartisanship
Legislative Record Passed a landmark ethics reform bill;

Used veto to cut budgetary spending;

Prevented “bridge to nowhere” that would have cost taxpayers $400 million dollars.

Voted “present” over 100 times as IL state senator
How they dealt with corrupt individuals in home city/state Exposed legal violations and conflicts of interest of Alaska Republican leaders;

Campaigned against corrupt GOP Representative;

Ran against and defeated corrupt incumbent governor in GOP primary

Launched political career in home of unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers (and still refers to him as a part of “mainstream Democratic Chicago”;

Purchased home with help of convicted felon Tony Rezko

Guns Lifetime member of NRA and avid hunter;

video can be found on YouTube of Palin firing an M4 at a military firing range

Worked to pass legislation in Illinois that would prevent all law-abiding citizens from owning firearms
Earmarks Opposed “Bridge to Nowhere” project;

Said Alaska should avoid relying on federal money for projects;

Campaigned against porker Don Young (R-AK) in 2008 primary

Secured federal earmarks for wife’s employer and for campaign bundlers
Abortion Pro life;

gave birth to 5th child knowing that he would have Down’s syndrome


only IL state sen. to speak against the Born Alive Infant’s Protection Act, which required medical care to be given to live infants who survived abortions

Energy Believes energy independence is a matter of national security;

For drilling in ANWR, which is in her state

Says Americans should “get tune-ups” and “check tire pressure”;

Says “we can’t expect the world to be okay with” our use of heating and air conditioning

Environment Chair of Alaska Conservation Commission (2003-4);

Announced plans to create sub-cabinet group of advisors to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in AK

Talks about the environment a lot
Athletic prowess Runs marathons Has reporters tailing him to the gym

Sarah Palin, in the right place…

…at the right time!

If Barack Obama had picked Hillary Clinton would John McCain have picked Sarah Palin?  You know it will be debated.

Clearly, either way Palin is the right person in the right place at the right time.  I don’t know the answer… but I can say I’m just one American very excited about McCain’s selection for Vice President.

It’s hard to believe today is the day after Barack Obama’s night… Where is he today?  No one is talking about him?  The only thing I’ve heard thus far was a statement from his campaign about Palin having been a mayor of a small town.  As if to put her down…  Hmmm?  Talk about elitism at it’s best.  His campaign wants to relate to America?  How will he ever be able to relate with Small-town, USA – like that?  But it’s not really about the people anyway… is it? 

What catapulted Obama to the forefront of American Politics?  Obviously, at some point in time he was in the right place at the right time.

I digress…

Have you ever had an experience where you were at the right place at the right time? 

Life is full of stories much like this one that is making history today.  But more than the experience itself – what did you do with the opportunity?

As I have thought about what has transpired today, I can’t help but reflect on this thought.  Our lives are all made up of moments in time… moments that can be described as being at the right place at the right time.  So, what did you do with what you were given?

Take a moment to read “The Parable of the Talents” in Matthew 25:14-30.  Note verses 19 -21,

19“After a long time the master of those servants returned and settled accounts with them. 20The man who had received the five talents brought the other five. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘you entrusted me with five talents. See, I have gained five more.’

 21“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. (NIV).

I don’t know that much about Palin myself.  While laying on the sofa re-cooping from yesterdays surgery, I have read as much as I could today and watched the news.  My interpretation of her life may be too simplistic.

I can’t help but be challenged by what I have read.  We all have a mission in life… a mission to make a difference in the lives of others. 

  • What is your mission?
  • Are you making the most of your opportunity? 
  • Are you making a difference in the world in which you live?
  • Are you taking the necessary risks with the talents given?

Obviously, Sarah Palin has made the most of every opportunity in her life.  One report I heard today stated Palin has been in public service for 16 years. (The Fox Report with Shepherd Smith).

According to Wikipedia, in 1996 Palin was elected Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska for the first of her two – three year terms.  In 2006, she was elected to Governor of Alaska and is now running for Vice President of the United States of America.

In a short period of time she has put her talents to work.  And from what it sounds like she has done so with great conviction and risk.  She is living “The American Dream” as it unfolds before our eyes.

To answer Jason, “No, I don’t have anything else better to do! What could be better than this?”