“Do you think they can pause the movie?”

We went to the movies today.  Lori and Jacqueline watched Twilight.  I went with Valerie and Walker to see Bolt in 3D.  We were about 3/4 of the way through the movie when Walker asked, “Do you think they can pause the movie while I go to the bathroom?”  Another priceless moment of Walker’s long list of quotables.  He’s such a funny guy!

I really enjoyed watching this movie with the kids.  They are for sure what makes my life smile.  They each mean more to me than I could ever express in words.  The theatre here has stadiuim seating and the arms raise up so you can sit real close.  Valerie snuggled right under my arm.  It was wonderful and I treasure the memory of our time at the movies.

I bet God treasures the moments we sit close with Him.  When was the last time you took in the scenery with Him?  The Fall is my favorite time of year.  The leaves turning colors are so pretty.  Next time you have a minute alone somewhere and you can take in the changing of the season… snuggle in the Lord and thank him for the sight.


Do you have a habit of being tasty?

On Friday of last week, Tonya picked up Walker from school for us.  She sent a txt message to let me know that over the afternoon snack they were talking about habits.  Walker stated,

Well, this applesauce has a habit of being tasty!

Their conversation has had me thinking about habits.  Walker is right (if you like applesauce) applesauce does have a habit of being tasty.  When you take that first spoonful of applesauce and put it in your mouth you can bet that it’s going to taste like applesauce.  Applesauce has the habit of tasting the same every time.  I prefer my applesauce heated with a little bit of cinnamon sprinkled on top.  Yum!

As a believer in Christ, there are certain things about me one should expect.  My lifestyle, vocabulary, beliefs, actions, and the habit of growing daily… should all reflect Jesus Christ. 

There are some things I do on a daily basis that one could consider a “habit” or a discipline.  In order for anyone of us to grow spiritually, we need to develop some consistent habits (a plan of sorts) in order to grow. 

We are all responsible for feeding ourselves physically as well as spiritually.  Just like with your body if you don’t eat you will get sick and ultimately die for lack of nourishment.  The same is true for our spiritual life.  We must feed ourselves by reading God’s Word.  Surrounding ourselves with others who will challenge us in our daily pursuit of God.

By developing daily habits, we will grow into a consistancy in all aspects of our lives.  When someone hurts us… when we hit our finger with the hammer… you name it… we will respond with the character we have developed through our daily habit of growing closer to Jesus.

When someone talks about you that just might say,

Well, (your name) has a habit of being tasty!

“Got to get better at this”

I am still thinking through all of the processes that go on into “The City” (my churches children’s ministry).  I was asked to take on the task of overseeing “The City Crew”.  This will be a team of 4th and 5th graders who volunteer to help within the Children’s Ministry at our church.

Yesterday all of my children were helping out in some capacity.  Jacqueline was with the 2 and 3 year olds (I don’t recall the name of their area).  But the other four (Valerie, Alexa, Lucas, and Walker) were helping out in The City as greeters.  I am loving the enthusiasm of my own kids right now as they get involved in the ministry. 

I had one of those priceless moments yesterday and I don’t want to let it get away from me.  Walker is standing out there greeting.  (He is a kindergartener that looks more like a 2nd grader). His wording for greeting goes something like this: “Good morning, hey, how are you?”  It’s all one big statement that runs together.  I told him he didn’t have to say all of that… Just say, “Good morning and welcome to Oakleaf.”  He started working on it.  So, the next family to walk up came and went.  He said, “Hey!”  And there was no response back to him from those he just greeted.  They were still close enough to hear what he said next, “I’ve got to get better at this!”

The next family walks up and he states, “Good morning!”  Everyone smiled back and said, “Good morning!”  His first words out of his mouth were, “See, I can do it.  I’m already better.”

It thrills my heart to see him work at something like this.  It’s a thrill to see him want to get better.  It’s amazing that after the next try he already felt like a success!  I’ve wondererd about how as adults sometimes we get so timid and afraid to venture out and do new things.  We may try something once and think, “This is not for me.”  When maybe our response needs to be, “I’ve got to get better at this.”

I’m real proud of the leadership I see in The City.  My hat is off to Michelle who has pulled off a great team of people to serve each week.  I’m amazed at the talent of those I have watched these past couple of weeks.  I’m blessed just to watch God’s gifts at work as they each communicate to reach these children!

raising children

The greatest thing I could imagine would be for my children to grow up to intimately know Christ.  As teens and young adults I would love for them to know and hear God when He speaks to them.  There have been times in their young lives they have talked of the things of God and asked questions. 

If they grow up to be adults who are known as “good, church-going, people”- I’m not sure I would have succeeded.  My desire… my heart… and what I believe God desires is that we raise kids who will grow up to be passionate followers – living wrecklessly abandoned lives to Christ.  As a parent, I need to live my life in a way that sets the stage for this to happen.

We were sitting around the table last night over dinner.  Jacqueline was talking about the books she is reading.  Then Valerie mentioned, “I read my Bible this week.”  Much to my own disappointment I didn’t respond to it.  I didn’t say a word.  Then this morning I got up and walked back to her bedroom and both Valerie and Alexa were in their room reading their Bibles. Over breakfast again they talked about reading their Bibles until they fell asleep last night. 

I look at these two (10 and 9 year olds) and pray they continue to walk this way… that God will meet them and speak so they can recgonize His voice and respond in obedience – knowing and doing the will of God.