What’s next to do?

I’m wrestling with the thoughts I had from “Take courage…” There were other examples I could have used instead of the one I used about playing guitar.  So now, I wonder “What’s next to do?” This question comes from today’s Oswald Chambers.  …Put everything in your life afloat upon God, going out to sea on … More What’s next to do?

Take courage…

I was reading Mark 6 and 7 this morning.  In Mark 6:45-56, he writes about Jesus walking on the water.  The disciples were told by Jesus to go ahead of him across the lake.  Once they had gotten about halfway across the winds picked up and hindered their progress… When I was a Youth Pastor, I had a tremendous … More Take courage…


I remember hearing “Storm” by Lifehouse in the Fall of 2007 when I got the CD. I identified with the song so much.  I got to thinking about “Storm” over the weekend while at my daughter’s ballet performance.  I have often hoped to see her choreograph a dance to this song and see her perform it.  I think many … More Storm


Nightswimming deserves a quiet night. I’m not sure all these people understand. It’s not like years ago, The fear of getting caught, Of recklessness and water. They cannot see me naked. These things, they go away, Replaced by everyday. I have always liked the song “Nightswimming” by R.E.M.  I have not ever known what it … More Nightswimming

Teach me to swim.

I’ve been talking about God’s love, knowing God, walking a road few dare to travel, being intimate with God, and going deeper.  This past week has been around the metaphor of the ocean.  God’s deep and wide limitless love.  I want to learn to swim in this ocean of love. It’s Mother’s Day weekend.  As I think … More Teach me to swim.

The Ocean

“The love of God.  We have lost it today; we have turned our back on the ocean and are looking out over barren, colorless hills for the ocean’s fullness.” The Love of God, Oswald Chambers, 17. No matter how we may feel about ourselves God says, “I love you!”  No matter how you feel say … More The Ocean