Let Go Let God

Last night we watched Facing the Giants.  Tonya told us we needed to watch it.  Early in the movie I sent her a txt, “So, you think I’m a loser.”  (I was just kidding).  This was an extremely inspiring movie.  Scene after scene I just laughed because I could see so much of my life in it.  Why did I laugh?  I guess I’m warped.  I did shed a tear or two as well.

About two weeks ago we had someone in our church portray the life of David… specifically the portion of David’s life when he faced Goliath.  I sat there that morning and I thought about the giants in my life.  I thought it’s time to stand up and face them. 

The movie last night reinforced the thought that it’s time to stand up to the giant.

While reading, praying, and journaling this morning the phrase came to mind, “Let go let God.”  I wrote it down in my journal and began to think about what that really means.

I read Isaiah 56 and 1 Peter 1.  My thoughts are about faith, hope, and trust.

A song came to mind by David and the Giants.  I couldn’t find the one I was looking for on YouTube but I did find the song “Let Go Let God” by David and the Giants. 

I’ve got a lot to say…

…and God is unlocking it all. 

Alright… here I am.  Computer keyboard in hand and ready to type.  I have a world of things racing through my mind at this moment.  The Holy Spirit is working double time on me.  (Maybe I’m just being honest with what He has been telling me for over 20 years – for the first time). 

It’s like I’m a book with a bunch of unfinished chapters in the middle of two bookends (Brad and James).  Thanks guys for the love and encouragement.


To reinforce matters Oswald Chambers hit me upside the head today too.

Our Lord’s making of a disciple is supernatural. He does not build on any natural capacity of ours at all. God does not ask us to do the things that are naturally easy for us— He only asks us to do the things that we are perfectly fit to do through His grace, and that is where the cross we must bear will always come. (My Utmost for His Highest, September 25).

So why all of the fear?  What is there to be afraid of?

Do you even know what in the world I am talking about?

I’m talking about 1 Peter 1:7 and Romans 10:14-15.  I’m talking about what Joel said to me back in Summer of 1985 – after I talked with him about 1 Peter 1:7.  He doesn’t remember it I’m sure… but I do.  I’m talking about the Holy Spirit speaking to me in the Fall of 1985 in Old Testament class through Romans 10:14-15.

It’s amazing how our minds recall the “God moments” in our lives. 

It’s amazing how it takes 20+ years to say yes… for such a time as this.

Being a focal giant

Focal [foh-kuhl] of or pertaining to a focus.

Giant [jahy-uhnt] a being with human form but superhuman size, strength, etc.

So, why a blog?  Why do I strive to keep up posting something here everyday?  Is it about the “stats”?  My pastor seems to think that blogging is all about the stats.  His wife seems to have her head in the game for the right reasons.  Now, don’t get me wrong I’m addicted to my stats just like the next blogger.  And when the hits aren’t rolling in I may need to seek out my therapist… (Lori is such a wonderful, loving, encourager on the days my blog tanks… She says, “get over it!”)

But why do I do this?

I remember the first several blogs that I posted and the fear I had clicking that “Publish” button for the first time.  It was a commitment to lay my words out there for anyone to read, enjoy, make fun of, be challenged by, and dare I say ‘inspire’.

Still the question remains, “why a blog?” 

My good friend Joel (who doesn’t have a blog and who’s wife limits his blogging time) is the one I credit for getting me hooked on this thing.  He was asking me if I read this blog or that blog… bloggity – blog – blog.  I started reading some – but for the most part those I read were negative, critical, and not edifying to the body of Christ.  I was reading blogs by those who proclaim Jesus in their personal and professional lives.  For the most part, what I had been reading was all about stirring up a bit of controversy thus attracting… “hits”.  Just another way to boost the stats.

I may not have the power of an email data base from a church to propigate my blog with tons of hits.  I don’t have a congregation that I hold hostage for information ONLY to be found on the pastor’s blog.  There are times I would think I may not even have a reader… in fact, the hits I get each day just may be Joel hitting the update button several times per hour.  I know Randy, She-Rambler and others do read…  To validate that others do read from other places I added the map to see just where the hits are coming from.  That’s pretty cool.

So, why a blog?

For me its about being a [foh-kuhl] [jahyuhnt].  I was reading the comments posted on The Epiphany’s blog where my pastor (AWIP)referred to me as the “Focal Giant”.  It’s not just that I am 3 feet taller than AWIP. (I’m about 2 feet taller than most).  It’s not about my “all seeing eye”.  I know that my eyes have caused night terrors for some.  I hear Joel has done well with overcoming his night terrors. 

Back to the “why a blog?” question:  It’s all about keeping my focus.  I challenge myself each day to pray, read the Bible, devotionals, and live my life for JESUS CHRIST.  He is the lover of my soul.  He is the reason why I blog.  I want to be challenged in all I do.  I want to make the most of every opportunity I have to glean from my experiences in life. 

Back in the day of leading teenagers I would talk about life being a test and trust… today I would add a blog.

In the sight of God, all of our lives are written out in the ultimate blog of all time “The Book of Life”.  I know my name is there.  My life is being written out each day that I live.  What an honor to be found within the pages of God’s Book. 

God’s a great God full of love mercy and grace.  I would bet he even keeps tabs of His hits too.  What do you think?

Cast all my cares…

…upon You!

Ever tried to lay down a burden?  Have you ever tried to let something go that was totally tormenting your every thought? 

Monday night this week I went to bed relatively early (before Greta van Susteran was done talking about Tood Palin).  But I was up at 12:55 AM not to return to sleep until 4:30 AM.  During the time I was awake I was trying to pray through this thing… I was trying to lay down my burden.  I finally fell asleep still holding onto a burden I wanted to let go of.

So, what does one do? 

How do you let go of something that you really want to let go of?

I don’t have any answers here.

But an hour or so later I woke up again.  The following is what was running through my mind… through my heart… and has stayed present on my mind the past two days.  These are the words of Darrin McWatters from everybodyduck.  The song:  “Consuming Fear”.

I'm gonna trust in the Lord
I'm gonna trust in the Lord
I'll not be afraid I'll not be afraid I'll not be afraid anymore

I cast all my cares upon You
And anytime I don't know just what to do
I will cast all my cares upon You 

I cast all my cares upon You

Praying with the right heart

I wonder how many hours of prayer has been spent wasted because my heart was not right.  But I argue what I am praying for is good… great… with great purpose for God and others. But silence is all that is heard.  In my mind, God is witholding the answer(s) or perceived blessing(s).  All the while, I am ignoring this “thing” that is unresolved. 

This past week I made a step to make this “thing” right.  I can’t express the peace that flooded me because I did what was right.  I know this is the first step of several I must make.  The exciting thing is I’m on the right road.

It’s so easy to lay out before God our list of things we need and want.  God desires we come to Him but He also wants us to come to Him having done our part of making right the wrong things we have committed against others. 

Jesus said in Matthew 5:23-24,

    23 So if when you are offering your gift at the altar you there remember that your brother has any [grievance] against you,

    24 Leave your gift at the altar and go. First make peace with your brother, and then come back and present your gift. (Amplified Bible).

There is so much on my plate these days.  I’m very reluctant to say anything about any of it… and will not.  Yet I know God is in the middle of it all.  He’s drawing out of me gold refined by fire. Not that I may obtain gold but rather a pure faith.

God has provided much comfort to me as I have been reading Isaiah 41.  I know when things are all said and done God will be victorious and He will be glorified. 

“Count on it: Everyone who had it in for you
   will end up out in the cold—
   real losers.
Those who worked against you
   will end up empty-handed—
   nothing to show for their lives.
When you go out looking for your old adversaries
   you won’t find them—
Not a trace of your old enemies,
   not even a memory.
That’s right. Because I, your God,
   have a firm grip on you and I’m not letting go.
I’m telling you, ‘Don’t panic.
   I’m right here to help you.’  (Isaiah 41:11-13, The Message).

I’m thankful for the comfort God’s Word gives.  In prayer, I must not grow weary and lose heart. 

I’m asking the Lord to shine His light on me… and in me… that if there be any unclean thing that it may be dealt with. 

I desire to walk upright before God and man.  I look to Him for my salvation.

Nourishment for others

Difficulties and trials… don’t you get tired of them? 

I do. 

I have learned through my many trials that there is much more I need to learn.  And that there is much more to share with other people.

The book of James begins with a talk on trials:

Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way. (James 1:2-4, The Message).

I like the wording here, “…your faith-life is forced into the open…”  How often do we hide our “faith-life”? God will easily draw that life out of us through a time of trial.  What if we just lived naturally the faith-filled life all the time in obedience – would God have to send us through so many trials? 

Sometimes trials come just because there is something God really wants to teach us. 

Several years ago I began going through a tough time of testing… it was at the beginning of what seemed to be about three years of testing and trial.  At the very beginning, I recall one of my friends, a pastor non-the-less, ask me, “What sin are you committing to cause this trial?” 


Why would God choose trials as a classroom? 

You can always recognize who has been through the fires of sorrow and received himself, and you know that you can go to him in your moment of trouble and find that he has plenty of time for you. But if a person has not been through the fires of sorrow, he is apt to be contemptuous, having no respect or time for you, only turning you away. If you will receive yourself in the fires of sorrow, God will make you nourishment for other people.  My Utmost for His Highest, June 25.

There are hurting people all around us who experience trials of all sorts.  Many of these people do not have the hope of Jesus Christ… how are they going to make it through unless we go to them and become nourishment for their souls?