Adonai, Master of the earth and sky…

Inspiration comes in so many ways.  But for me, music inspires me just as much as anything else in and around my life.  Most of my teenage years were heavily influenced by music.  So much so, it’s influence culminated while at a KISS concert in 1983, I gave my life to Jesus while at that … More Adonai, Master of the earth and sky…

I will pursue You

Today is Ash Wednesday and marks the beginning of Lent.  It is a time that many Christians take to prepare themselves leading up to the celebration of Easter.  I have heard of those who are giving up things like chocolate, Facebook, Coke, or some other daily habit during this time. Lent is not something my … More I will pursue You

King Jesus is faithful… Celebrate him today!

Through everything we face in life, Jesus is faithful. In a time where commitment is a rare, Jesus is faithful. Jesus faithfully loves us all. He is consistent in his dealings with us. Jesus is faithful when we find ourselves so often unfaithful. God, as we begin this new day, Listen, God! Please pay attention! … More King Jesus is faithful… Celebrate him today!

Who are you facing?

Day 19 of the devotional, “Living a Divinely Inspired Life,” found on, asks a very thought-provoking question. If someone walked in your shoes for 24 hours, what would they learn about Christ? What do you think they would learn? I believe as Christians we have a responsibility to live our lives in a manner … More Who are you facing?